Some of the things I’ve written:

The Book That Didn’t Break Out and the Disease That Did                                                                                                                  An essay on The Millions about my experience of publishing a parenting memoir and having my daughter diagnosed with cancer seven weeks later. I’m proud of this one.

Lost in Translation: The Writers Workshop
A piece that appeared in Poets & Writers, poking fun at writing workshop-speak.

Submission Guidelines
Literary journals intimidate me, so I made fun of them in this piece for The Funny Women series at The Rumpus.

Why I Finally Joined a Church
A feature article on about our family’s decision to join a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Be sure to read the comments for a demonstration of thoughtful, respectful Internet discourse at its finest

Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom

My essay, “The Secret Password” (about a very naughty word I said to my mom when I was 10) is one of 16 pieces in this e-book anthology. The essays, written by some of the leading ladies of the Mom-blogosphere, range from funny to touching to thought-provoking to (in my case) downright embarrassing.

On Huffington Post (where I am an occasional blogger):

Complain to me, please!

The Story of My Hair is the Story of My Life

They Didn’t Have a Chance Reflections on Newtown as a mother of a critically ill child.



5 Ways to Support Families Dealing With Childhood Cancer Dana Farber Insights

On Getting Walloped by Depression After Weaning Post-Partum Progress

One of them: The Day My Daughter was Diagnosed with Cancer

Parenting Through Depression: How I tend to my kids when I’d rather stay in bed.

Steve Almond and me on humor: Or, why underpants are always funny. Beyond the Margins

Is Your Novel Fictional? Beyond the Margins

Researching Myself Beyond the Margins

Various pieces of useless advice for writers on the Grub Street Writers blog,